That is so true! Besides Basil Jones we own a II timeshare in California and had it for 8 years. We always got great exchanges out of it. If you know the system and learn how it works timeshares are great. Unless of course you buy a real bad quality one. I also used to work for Trading Places a smaller exchange and resort property managemant company and there are many happy owners I used to work with. There are some bad timeshares but there are many very good once as well. Basically if you never use your timeshare week it is not a good deal for you but if you use it or exchange every year it is a great deal. If you travel a lot like we do it works and it is great for families because of the usually larger accomondations and kitchens etc. Do you own any timeshares along the Riviera Maya (not Cancun)? Maybe we could do a privat trade some day.