Hey Jude,
A question was recently asked about donating supplies for the Caye Caulker school on another forum. I copied and pasted my reply below. I hope you can help out.

My wife and I are traveling to belize in mid february and were hoping to take supplies to donate to the school at caye caulker. I am trying to find a phone number for the school or a teacher there or the principle perhaps, in order to get a list of the most useful things to bring.

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Member posted 01-23- 11:53 AM
Dear Reggie,
I guess you know that Caye Caulker school received extensive damage during the hurricane as much of the roof blew off so everything inside got wet. I have a list of supplies that are needed at CC school from the principal, Mrs. Neldy Rosado. I am rranging for supplies to be provided to the school through my summer youth programs to Belize.
The list is as follows and is just as it was received from her:

Teacher's Edition, Pupils Text & Activity books for science, grades 1 - 8.
1. Discover Science
2. Health for Life

Math and Reading books with activities to help teachers plan activities to assist in the teaching of Mathematics and Reading (grades 1 - 8)

Coronamatic typewriter cartridge by Smith & Corona

Art and Craft supplies- pipe cleaners, felt, glue, scissors, paints, paint brushes, construction paper, glitter, glue guns, glue sticks, string beads, activity books

Sewing supplies - needles, thread, buttons, zippers, measuring tapes, pins

Cooking supplies (for cooking club) - needles, threads, buttons, zippers, measuring tapes, pins

For the library - education video tapes, audio tapes, story books.

Science posters - digestive, skeletal, muscular, Nervous, models of heart, eye, ear, plants, flowers, planetary charts, animals, rocks and soils, sound and light

Other supplies - staples and stapler,masking tape, rulers, velcro, crayons, Globes, ruled index cards (asst.sizes and colors), yard stick, blackboard rulers - yellow

Medical supplies for children ages 5-14
Peptobismol, Tylenol, Hydrogen peroxide, iodine, hydrocortisone cream, gauze, bandaids, cloth bandage (brown), eyedrops, eardrops

I also know that they need many more costly items such as a refrigerator for the teacher, 10 teachers desks, computer and supplies but were hesitant to aak for these because they wanted to put the needs of the children first.

I would urge all others that are visiting Caye Caulker to pick up items on this list and take it by the school.

Gail Bradley Miller
Sea Studies International & UnBelizeable Adventures