Look out BC...do you realize what yer gettin' yerself into? Right now the 18th looks good for us, too. I will schlep back as much Belikin as is allowed. Sounds like Loie's got the food covered! Just let us know if there's anything else we need to bring in addition to Belikins. (Loie...we don't have your #, but if ya wanna call Kathy, Hope's got ours)
Sounds like I will require a bodyguard. If the football schedule works out, I would like to retain the services of one certain 240lb linebacker... [Linked Image]
Lessons, huh? Tell ya what, I'm sure we'll learn to punta in AC...THEN we'll be ready to give some lessons! What's this about incest? YOU DIRTY HO!!!!
A toast to janie?? I already peed in Hope's pool in honor of jane (just kidding!) [Linked Image]
When does Skinny come back through Colorado?