Hello to all you CCACS members, I think I've finally figured this message board out. (Mrs. Pirate)
Now I can speak for myself, never did like a man speaking for me. It sure was fun playing with all of you and definately enjoyed the musical entertainment. Sorry we had to leave so early?!?!? As usual I was tired from all the walking I've been doing. The kiddies were also getting quite cranky. I must let you know that I had to miss an engagement with my best friend just to play with you all [Linked Image] ( no applause necessary [Linked Image])

I must also apologize for the lap dancing and other unmentionables. I can't take that man anywhere! Mr. RobE next time try a $50 bill. He's cheap but not that cheap!

Girls , just a little secret, pirate brags alot. He was passed out and snoring like a...well drunken pirate by the time I crawled into bed. In fact he's usually the first one to fall asleep and gets really cranky if I "wake " him up. Brother Pirate is going to AC with us just to keep me happy!!!(just kidding [Linked Image] I am SERIOUSLY thinking about trading that boy in for a 15 year old AND a 28 year old. Now settle down, the younger one is for mowing the lawn and other yard work!

Hope and Dan Thanks a bunch for such a great time. And Hope, have Dan check your glasses. Sam and I were wearing bikinis, the young chickies, Blondie and Nipples had on the thongs.You B-tch. Oh sorry, You Queen B, #1 goddess of them all.

Do you ladies think I can find a really handsome cabana boy to bring me drinks and rub my feet while pirate and his brother are working their way through town. I sure hope so. My dogs are gonna be tired, tired, tired. Fourteen days till the BIG WALK and then on to paradise. WHOO-HOO!!!!....Sassy as ever K