Reverend Nipples.... LOL

Geeze I had forgotton all about Bills Alfa, thanks for the memories! Are ya sure there is room for all your luggage in that car???
AND... yes, yes, yes, I would love any suggestions you may have on graphis for the t-shirts. Haven't heard from anyone out here yet......but then again if ya knew them... LOL

Oh shucks Jane... that was very sweet of you
to say, but when ya start getting up to the big 50 ya just don't care about whats going "south" or pretty much anything else. laugh (ask Zeke he recently turned right?!... naw better not he may make fun of me) I am a bit sensitive ya know!

And Yes Debbie your right! I believe it was Diann who locked them men up with the help of She Devil and Mad Dog. Loie was telling them how...and I was hitting the desert table or the beer coolers, not sure which, it's all a blur now. Heck it was probably "both" LOL

Diann..... where are those other pixs????
Loie.... ya can't tell me ya only took three pics that day...

I'm sure they will get them up soon.

Talk with ya all soon!