Hi Everyone!
I got home from AC late last night. Was there for almost 3 weeks. The weather was ideallic... the best I've ever seen.
Didn't get to do alot for a couple of reasons... many of the restaurants were closed (Caribe Island too). We did manage to get over to Sweet Basils once. Met the new owners, really nice couple from California. Same wonderful staff, and the food was (as usual) incredible!!
Fido's is totally gutted. Talked to James (Mango's and Category 7) and he told us of the plans, and it sounds great! Looking forward to seeing it finished when I get back down.
It was right after talking to James, I was headed upstairs to say hi to Lacy, when I fell. A whopping 6 inches (and totally sober). But that was enough. Couldn't get Dr Lerida, (it was the lunch hour), but did get into see Dr. Otto Rodrieguez (sp?). He is the nicest man. Dr Otto actually went to Maya Air with us, and went to Belize City with us, took us straight to the Diagnostic Center, and then took us to the hospital and waited until Dr. Smith got there. Messed up the ankle, dislocated and 3 broken bones. They did surgery that night. It was pretty humorous. Only 3 people, no nurses, etc... not at all like the US hospitals. I got to go "home" the next day, and headed back to AC. The guys at Maya were wonderful, picking me up (OK, yes, they opened the cargo door and it took 4 of them... but they meant well wink )
I want to thank everyone who called me and stopped by. I didn't leave our house again (except another quick trip to see the DR in BC) until we headed home yesterday.
I did see the Ortho here today and she said "they did a pretty good job... not the way I would have done it, but it looks good regardless...." so I have no complaints!
So much for a trip report, ey???
OK, so who's going in January? I am planning to be there the entire month of Jan and March.