Well, it happened again.....

Had a great time at BC's and Mad dog's piece of paradise. What a beautiful place you guys have!!! I do have to say I'm glad the ponds weren't deep enuff [Linked Image] cuz I only brought one change of clothes this time! So much food, and oh my... the desserts!!! Hope, you're incredible! We sure wish you guys could have been there, but your speaking engagement took presedence this time. How dare they schedule it on a party day tho!!!! lol... we missed you and toasted you dear. From what I heard, those jello-rippers were stttrrrroooong!!! And Richard.... you were missed too. Now, that's 2 in a row dude... if it happens again, you WILL be running~the~other~way from us... (hmmmmm maybe we should take this personally??!!! lol. is he trying to tell us something guys???!!)

Thanks so much Pirate and Kathy for the video and pix of AC....guess I'm the only 'virgin' left in the group [Linked Image] So are you people in AC going to let this man come back????!!! I'm certain Kathy and Doug are welcome anytime......

Well, again, thanks for a great time. This is such an incredible group of people!! Gotta thank Phil for the fishing poll too [Linked Image]

OOOHHhhh... ok all you techies.... I have an mpeg of Pirate singing and strumming his signature song; anyone know how or where to post something like that???!!?!!?!? Pirate.. I think I'll post the warm-up version too, unless you hand over greenery or come help build my deck!!! lol...) And speaking of guitars.. loved your blue one Loie!! So Skinny.... when is she singing back-up for ya?!?!??!

Here is the page for the pix; there are only 4, but maybe Loie will add hers there.


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