I never heard of the site til you mentioned it...then I got this e-mail a few minutes ago...I'm gonna tell this guy to take a flying leap and encourage all other users of the AC site to do as well. If he had e-mailed you and told you why he was pulling it, that might be different. He doesn't sound like our kind of people...end of my rant!

Dear, Friend!

Best regards,
(None). Hi I would like to first take the time to introduce myself, My
Name is Mark A. Borland and I have a passion for the love of my country, in doing so
I have done a website my vision is for Belize to have its own intranet, where people from all
over the country can share ideas, exchange thoughts , post scholarships for students , a jobs
and job vacanies, anyone who has something to sell can post there info here and anyone
within the c
country can access this information.
www.BelizeForums is a site that is a non for profit meaning I do not want any ads and I dont
any money on it, all i want is for our community to have a place on the web to exchange
ideas and
to communicate with each others, you can discuss anything you want.

If anyone has any recommendations for this site I am open for ideas and love to share my
ideas with others, for this to
be successful we will need information posted up immediately and good content.

I thank you for your time and hope this site is just the open door to many of my projects for
the promotion
of Belize.

Thanks for your time to read this and dont forget to logon and post any news, politics,
classifieds, scholarchips,
mp3 music sites to download files so the door for www.belizeforums.com is now Officialy
open. This is
my hobby and I love it.......

Best Regards...

Webmaster, Entrepreneur