I wanted to give you a brief update on my visit to see Carter Phillips in Mobile, Al. I had been in contact with David Lenoir, Celeste brother seen her death. This is where Celeste lived when she left San Pedro after Hurricane Keith she and Carter lived in Davidís house for about 6 months. David has temporary court appointed custody of Carter. I arranged the visit with David. He asked that I wait until he got home from work. I arrived at Davidís house around 4:30 and introduced myself, but within a matter of minutes Carter and his cousins had kidnapped me back in to the playroom.
The Lenoir children are as follows: Steven age 7, (second grade), Mary age 10, (5th grade), Michael age 13, (8th grade), Kathleen age 16, and David Jr. age 18, college freshman at Mississippi State.
The four children were fighting for my attention. I felt very comfortable with them, as if I was visiting four of my own family members. Carter was glad to see me, but was not overly needy or clingy. He was excited to share with me that he is going to start the first grade next week in a private Catholic school.
After a private talk with David for about 30 minutes, he left to go to his evening job. I had pizza with the kids and Davidís wife of twenty years, Eileen. Eileen took advantage of me being there and went out after dinner. I played with kids and we watched a video. I left the house around 10:30 PM while the boys were having a pillow fight. I just barely got Carter to say good-bye between pillow blows.
The next day I visited Frank Lenoir where Elaine is staying in Mobile but did not see Elaine for she was visiting her sister in Atlanta and I only talked to her by telephone. I also went to where Celeste was working, they all miss her very much.
I spend the second evening with Carter and the family. I felt good about the family environment Carter was in and Davidís comment as to raising Carter. The permanent custody hearing will be mid Oct. Carter birthday is September 13; he will be 6 year old. Send mail Carter Phillips%
David & Eileen Le Noir, 251 McGregor Av S., Mobile, Al.36608 Telephone Home 251-304-0507, E-mail [email protected]

Yours truly, Capt Tom

Tom Thomas
4.5 Miles N. of San Pedro
P.O. box 218
Belize, Cental American