Well, two days and about $1500 later, I'm sitting here waiting on a fax to come in to my lawyer saying I may go about my business.

When, if, I get that word, I'm pretty much just going to hit the road. I need to get away from home and be someplace I can study for a day or three.

I do so appreciate being tolerated here, and having the opportunity to say things that I probably never could in voice.

From the first, this place just seemed to fit. I even made a conscious effort to go to other boards, diving and jeep boards. But here is where did, and does, fit. I'm not sure why.

I will try to check in now and then in the comming weeks and months. In the meantime, there is something I want to say in parting.

I sense something,something about what has happened. I sensed it in a vague way at once. At first, I was put off by this thought, and did not speak of it. I feared that somehow, I might be trying to see a silver lining where I shouldn't.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was seeing clearly, and that what I saw was not something to be ashamed of.

I was curious as to my own reaction to the tragety, how it dredged up old memories, that now demanded attention.

Seeing the images on the screen was as a catylist, and there was no putting off accounts any longer. Even knowing that many others suffered so hororably worse then I, who really suffered not at all, but only had to bear witness ... it hurt, and I had to let it hurt.

Somehow, without specific knowledge, I know there are others that feel this way. I just know. The images were so powerfull. They washed over me like waves, as if they had a physical presense. Cold and hard and suffocating,

A catharisis of sorts, yes, but then, beyond that, something else.

It is time to pass the torch. The toarch that shines the awesome cost of liberty. That torch belongs in the hands of the people of New York City now.

Once, Oklahoma had suffered at the hands of senseless violence more then any other American community since the time of our great, great grandfathers.

Now that distinction belongs to New York City. Their suffering is unspeakable. No matter where we come from, our hearts go out to them. But I think I am not being presumtous, nor in any way demeaning others, to say that the people of Oklahoma will always feel a special kinship for those who now hold the light.