I was on AC from October 21 - 27 and went diving 4 day, all of them with Barefoot. Their customer service is the best I have experienced on a dive trip. Mike and Dawn are the best. They were ALWAYS on time for the pick-up. We left out gear with them all week. They rinsed & dried it at the end of every day. The gear was always set up for us when we were picked up in the morning. Everyone who works there was fantastic.

All of their boats have Rear entry/exit platforms. You can do a giant stride entry, or just sit on the platform and roll into the water. And just walk up the ladder back into the boat when the dive is over.

I have been diving for about 10 years, but was a little nervous this time because I had a bad experience last year while on another trip. I had gotten caught in a strong current. Anyway, I am not nervous any more. I dove with Carlos (divemaster) all week, and also Mike (Owner). They are not "speed" divers. This was the most relaxing diving I have ever done. Carlos was always finding great things for us to see. We were always listening for him to bang on his tank, and came over to see what he had found. We saw Eagle rays most every dive, turtles, small critters and big ones too.

On the day long trips, there was always good food and company. The bigger boats that Berfoot has makes the crossings more comefortable. You can be out in the sun, or stay inside under the shade. The "day trip boats" all have heads, which makes it easier on us all.

For local dives, they would go out with a minimum of 2 people. They never pack the dive boats, so you do not feel like sardines. We were never rushed.

I have to say that diving with Carlos, Mike and Barefoot has made diving FUN again. I was on the verge of giving it up, but not any more. I will definitely come down there again to dive with them.

As I said, A++++ in my book!!