R & C,

Not all scheme's begin with "boy, I have the perfect bridge for you!"

We have talked before but never on a land line, I still am working on the resort for AC but, for now, while the lawyers are hacking it to bits I am playing around in the art business...my first love!

I figured out how to sell my art (www.geocities.com/monarchgallery) the easy way. Have you ever bought fine art from a gallery. I mean one where you walk in and the salesperson walks up and while grining from ear to ear says "Looking for anything special today"?

By the way the web site mentioned above is not advertising my work for sale, its for gallery owners to get a preview before I send out slides.

I figured out a way to bypass the gallery and offer the customer a 40% discount on the work instead of giving it to the gallery. It's absolutely brilliant! Not only a discount on the work but 10% interest monthly on the amount he/she paid for the work. Sort a like paying the customer to buy my art work.

Do U believe it?


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