Nothing I like better than a spirited discussion!

Dear Calliniative,
I hadn't thought of a Mermaid before, did you know that it is thought that sailors that first reported seeing a mermaid were thought to have seen a Manatee or simular animal? They must of been really desperate!
By the way did you go to my web site? Take a look IN the very last one as you scroll all the way to the right. (Sort of a joke)

Dear Sandshaker,
I've often seen and appreciated your posts on the forum. I used to do mostly pastel work but got tired of the muted colors all the time. I suppose I have to admit that they sold quite well because they coordinated with clients decor more easily. About 20 years ago I met Dali by accident in Marbayia (sp?) Spain in a water front tavern. He was surrounded by his hanger on'ers when he walked in. He sat down next to me (the only bar stool open) and inbetween his political and artistic critiques he actually spoke to me. Later in the evening I was invited to his place the next day for some "lessons". He said this with a twinkle in his eye so I was really curious as to what he was up to.

I won't go into details unless you are interested in the story but it was an enlightening event.

Dear Gay,
Most of my art started on the frig door also. The only problem was I was too young to know the difference between parental pride and embarassment. At one time I did some small wooden minatures that could be glued to magnets but I lost interest when I had to have bifocals.

Dear Ckocian,
I love fishing. don't put the sport down! I meet the most amazing friends that way. As far as getting involved, well...I'm happily married anyways so that just isn't possible.

Dear fish...
I've had no bites yet, hummm maybe I should move to the other side of the dock?