Dear fellow sand dabs,

I am going crazy today, must be cabin fever already! I've decided to write this to myself (mostly).

I went to Rome last year or was it the year before, well no matter, when I was there I met a guy at the Forum (the one where they fed the lions). He was from Germany and was there to study archa-techture. He had a lot of time on his hands and he asked if it was alright if he showed us around the place. While we were walking around this awsome structure I was ammased at his incrediably detailed knowledge. He even show'd us where they used to put the body parts when the lions had finished lunch.

Later that day we went to the Vadican where I got into a conversation with one of the resident cardinal's. I was sitting in front of one of the most dramatic paintings I've ever seen. Probably been there for 30-40 minutes while all the tourists marched by. So anyways this guy in robes sat down next to me and noticed that I was a little teary eyed. He asked if he could do anything and I said yes. I wanted to know why the Romans fed people to the lions. He said, simply, because "they were board and scared". Then he refered me back to the painting I was sitting in front of and told me to look at the faces of the roman gallery's and asked what did I see there.

I left the area with a very funny feeling. I tried to figure out what it was and came to the conclusion that I should have a glass of wine or two or three.

Kinda heavy huh.

There were much lighter moments of that trip, like our "first class" accomodations via train from Paris to Rome. The bunks were so short that when I went to bed (notice I didn't say sleep)I had a portion of my feet hanging out the window all night.

And the Taxi's were a real thrill as long as you had your eyers open.

The food was entertaining also when we got to the Island of Sardinia. Spegetti especially, they didn't serve it with meat sause the way americans think of it...unless you are use'd to baby oct-te-pie, urchen, and God knows what else.

I just loved the pool at the resort we stayed at. It was set against a boulder out-croping so the rocks extended into to pool. Not only that, but, nude bathing was the norm m m m m m m !!

Lucky I'm so trim and fit!


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