I used to own 2 of his paintings, now only one due to one being stolen about 5 years ago. It was a multi-media with pix of a large head with brain showing and ants crawling around. The one I have left is part of a suite I got from Dali in Spain. It's called "Treste of Treole" (sp?).

Someone in a previous post above asked me if I kept the sketches that Dali filled full of holes. Actually no I was not able to keep them as Dali used them to start a fire to roast marshmellows and hot dogs over an open fire that same night.

Actually, the humidity is a problem but not any-more-so than the salty air. I've always had trouble with humidity with the paintings I have collected that are on paper. The edges curl and even in some cases become water stained (especially if submirged during a Hurricane). I suggest you ask a good framer in GA. There are a number of them in your area.

I use a web site to preview my work to galleries, this allows them to determine whether my work will fit with their gallery beforeI send them slides. If you wish go to: www.geocities.com/monarchgallery for a peek.

My two favorites are "A Lucky Bobber' and "Venician Jogger" Although I also like the suite of four sisters and "Earth Wind & Fire"

Most all my recent work is etched on wood board that is coated on both sided to prevent humidity warp problems.

What do you coach. My 16yr old is in football, soccer, skiing and rugby. He's not playing much this year cause some kid, during a game, stomped his lower back with his cleated football shoe fracturing a vertebrae. I was more than upset! He has been wearing a torso brace for 3 months.

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