Your son must of had the same vertabrae break as mine, Our brace cost 1500 also.
The Doc said December before it could come off, because unfortunately he played for a month before we all figured out why he had such bad back pain. In the last game he tried to play he was in for one play and had to come out because he couldn't lift his legs. The Doc sent him to hospt and we determined that he had been playing and practicing for 2 months with this condition.

When it first happened he said he didn't want to quit because some of his team mates were accusing him of being a "slakker" cause he couldn't keep up, run faster, block harder etc.

It was quite a situation.. Now hes ready to play Rugby in January...mentally at least. We'll see how things go. He has to build up his back muscles first, that brace allowed his muscles to atrophy.

High school sports aregreatbut the coaching often leaves a lot to be desired.