The rules are very simple.

*No advertising.
Post to the appropriate area. Choose the most appropriate forum for your
message and place it there and only there. Posting of the same message in
multiple forums is not appreciated. This also spreads the replies around to
different parts of the board and makes them much harder to locate later. If
your message does not fit with the stated theme of any of the other forums,
please place it in the chat forum.

**Be courteous. As we read and respond to others, disagreements are
inevitable. Differing points of view are welcomed, and indeed the bbs would
be a dull place without them. All users are expected and required to express
their disagreements civilly. Refrain from name calling and behaviour
lectures. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and repeated offences could
get you banned from the bbs. It is suggested you read through your message
before you post it, and if you are disagreeing with somebody, see how it
reads. You may wish to soften your disagreement by beginning with "This is
JMHO (this is just my humble opinion)," but this is optional. Lively
discussion is what the board is all about, but that is no excuse for boorish
behaviour or bad manners. We are assumed to all be adults. If you don't like
a particular thread, stop reading it!

**Do not reply to messages to point out bbs rule infractions. Leave this to
BBS Administrators and Moderators. When you jump in, it makes for even more
work on the part of the administrators to clean up the mess. If you feel a
message is improper, please email the Administrator or the forum's Moderator directly.