Hello everyone

My husband & I spent a day in Belize last week and LOVED it. We had made arrangements to tour around with a local taxi driver and we just spent the day driving around.

We left Belize City and headed south and even spent a few minutes swimming at the Blue Hole National Park. Our desire was just to drive and see what we could see which is exactly what we did.

We also stopped for a late lunch @ JB's watering hole on the Western Highway and had the best lunch of my life. I had a burrito and a belican and I have never tasted lettuce so sweet tasting!

On the table, there was some "pepper sauce", our driver Harry said it's made from jalepenos.I would love to try and make it and wondered if anyone can give me a recipe for it.

Looking forward to maybe a week or two in Belize next summer.

P.S. Our contact never met us in Belize as scheduled so a tour operator @ the docks said he would take our school supplies that we brought to the orphange in Belize City. So I hope he did and that many children are getting the benefit of them. I wish we would have been able to get them to Big Falls school but maybe next time.