On my 1st visit to Key Largo, Florida I asked a shopkeeper how it was living there? She said that just last week the TV show "That's Incredible" had two people on from Key Largo; one had a job and the other didn't drink. It took me a minute to get it.
I think maybe this could apply to a lot of our beautiful tropical places too.

I see so many people writing about moving to paradise and so many people warning them to not jump too soon. I think one needs to have a plan when they make such a move.
For sure you must have enough interest in something you can do from anyplace in order to be happy living on an island. Watching sunrises and sunsets and drinking in-between can get old pretty fast.

I want to live in Belize because of the incredible people and the diving is good enough to keep me occupied. I plan to walk the beach at sunrise, have my coffee at Lily's, do a tank dive or long snorkel for the healing of the ocean, then walk home and spend two hours everyday writing. Oh yes, and nap too.
I want to buy fresh food everyday, not go to the super market and stock a kitchen.
I want to eat FRESH fish! I want to take up fly-fishing again. Haven't done that for years but I used to be pretty good.
I have a not-for-profit organization I can run from my computer in less than one hour online time, if I am organized off line.

I expect to get off the island every three of four months for awhile so it will stay new and exciting to me.

And yes, I am keeping my home here so I always have a place to come back to.

Now that it's actually 2002 and retirement is 10 months away I find I am getting nervous - so much to do to get ready.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles