Asking how I can do that is like asking an old person the secret to a long life. LOL
I have been working since I was 12 years old. Up until 7 years ago planned to work all my life! Then I burned out and kicked back and refuse to manage any people anymore.
Not drinking or smoking has probably saved me a fortune; certainly saved my life. Don't get me wrong -- I did as much as I could for as long as I could. Fortunately I bottomed out early.
I never trusted unions so when they tried to convince all we young single mothers that more money in our pocket now instead of in our old age was a good thing -- I didn't go for it. Therefore, on March 7th I will have 30 years with a county government job with the OLD retirement plan. Yeah! (not bad for an old Beatnik turned rebel in the 70's.) Now a tired Libertarian.
The other secret is having a savings plan that I couldn't touch. Deferred income will be paying for my living in Belize.

I feel very, very lucky.


PS In AA there is an old saying. When someone is asked, “How did you stay sober so long,” the answer is “Don’t drink and don’t die.”

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