Thanks for the info on Hotel Del Rio. I have definately taken it off my list! I am wondering if anyone has some information on Rubies? It is incredibly inexpensive! seems to good to be true! I am wondering if we just should't shell out the extra bucks and go big or if Rubies is a place worth staying to save some money? The other places that we have been considering are The Belizean Shores, they are offering 20% off and the seventh night free. Our friends are staying here as well. We just were interested in saving a few bucks but I don't want to be disappointed with my accommodations. The Coconuts, The Tides, and The Seven Seas are also considerations. But it seems to me that if we do decide to spend the extra bucks The Belizean Shores may be the best bet? Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Also, I know that the two options of transportation from Belize City to AC are boat or plane. Does anybody recommend one over the other? Thanks I love this message board- so informative!