Ok....see my high wire stretched across the street, and I am going to attempt to walk it, without a NET here. My first attempt, so be supportive.
If you are visiting with Teenagers, best you know your teenagers well. Ever 50 feet in town, someone will try to sell them WEED and ETC. They lure them in by calling out let me see your necklace, shirt or shoes, to drawn them to the side of the street, then pop up their own shirt, and say DO YOU WANT TO BUY SOME WEED.
I have labored over posting this for two weeks, but thought best I do.
I am not judging anyone, just giving information. All of you know how much I love Ambergris, and I want all to enjoy the Caye.
Bet this post will increase some Tourism.
I hope Marty does not pull this, due to it being good first hand factual information.

Dare To Deviate