Hello everyone! Boy am I glad to hear that you are ok bernd. How was christmas with your mother? I am soooo fortunate to have friends like you. This traveling stuff is new to me. I am officially a cosmopolitan now! I will admit I am young, but I am getting older and with age comes knowledge.
I turned 22 on the 22nd of Jan, 2002. My golden B-day. I will be back there soon as I can. I do not enjoy being here at all(whoever does please help them to somehow see the light). I have an option to live my dreams so I am! I hope that You, Jerry, Linda, Joyce, Sunny, Ray Casey, Bill#1, Bill#2, AT, Rick and coco all the locals and all the rest of the very friendly people I met while I stayed there for what seemed to be almost a second life! I cant quite put this into words but I will try. HHHMMMM?? let me think..........ok, The friendliness and hospitality on that island and the warmth and comfort that one feels there is such that its kind would make resistance to it as distant as the sea's edge its self. I will be returning as soon as possible. I will be coming there to attain PADI Rescue Diver and Divemaster. take it easy everyone and Bernd, have a spritzer for me when you get there!