Dear Jim of Pier Lounge

Having read the almost completely factually 100% wrong garbage you put here
I did a search of your other posts on this board. Many of them consist of you telling other people to shut up. So, why don't you already?

You constantly claim to be a champion of the message board etiquette but you always break the rules of politeness that Mr. Marty has posted, even to the point of physically threatening other board members when you don't get or don't like their jokes.

You even started a post a few weeks ago that was completely off the wall and in left field about the soma151 lunatic threatening YOU but begged Mr. Marty to remove your own thread after 16 or 17 replies. What is wrong, did you not like the heat in the kitchen you built?

And you are such a liar. To the best of my belief we did not lose 10 people in the whole country of Belize during Hurricane Keith, let alone 10 of "YOUR" personal friends. Did your construction "business" or bar go out of business because of Keith? No, far from it. So you did not lose your livlihood as you claim.

I went through Keith as well and I looked my wife in the eyes and said "Everything will be fine." You try not to scare the ones you love.

And as for the Wave Dancer sinking during Hurricane Iris: every thinking Belizean knows that the captain of the Wave Dancer made a careless life threatening decision. He should have taken the offers of free bus evacuation provided by caring, concerned Belizeans to secure shelters on dry land he was offered. His passengers and crew paid for it. The Aggressor captain made the same stupid choice and got lucky.

So, Pier Lounge Jim, next time you post your negative rudeness on this board try to make sure that at least you won't be caught in a bare faced lie and make sure you get your facts right.

For everyone else, if it is important and relevant and you want to put it here don't let Pier Lounge Jim and his kind stop you.