From Seashell: "So your attitude is hang 'em first and then determine their guilt?"

Don't be stupid. My attitude is thoroughly investigate 'em and if there is evidence of criminal negligence, proceed accordingly. If that is what you call 'bias', I take it as an honor to be included with Cyber Diver and anyone else you want to bash for supporting the families by demanding a thorough investigation rather than a whitewash.

Seashell: "Ya know Bob, I don't think I've seen you post here before. It is only now in support of Cyberdiver that you show up. I'll give you as much validity as I do that biased rag."

My post is in support of the families of the 20 people who died aboard Wave Dancer including one of best friends.

Don't allow your love for Cyber Diver to poison your mind. This is about the victims and their families--not about your bias against the one scuba magazine that has actually covered the tragedy. Talk about bias? The other scuba magazines either ignored it altogether or published Hughes' freak accident press releases and nothing else. Is that what you prefer?