I have some concerns about the way you all are proceeding with this important topic. I see too many similarities with the "Blue Hole Deaths" topic that was debated extensively. It seems to me that many of you fall into the catagory that suggests that no matter what happens in Belize, let's not questions the actions of those involved. Let's just say "accidents happen, shit happens, acts of God happen". I believe that Belize will be much better off if fewer "accidents" happen. Many times people have the ability to prevent accidents from happening thru their knowledge, abilities and training. And, the best way for that to be is for people to be held accountible for their actions. That can only happen when those actions that cause injury and death to others are fully analized and questioned. I do not think it furthers this to call people who have stated a valid position names and suggest that it is in the best interest of the board for those people not to participate. Bob Goodman made, in my opinion, some vaild points. I do not agree that it is appropriate to support a boycott of Belize. But, I do think it is the goverments resposibility to investigate the incident in question and take whatever actions are in the best interest of protecting the people of Belize and those who visit. The goverment promised a full investigation with a report to be presented by last December. I have not seen or heard of the results of that investigation as yet. And, it is my position that it is premature to allow Peter Hughes to resume opperation in Belize until he and his operation are determined to have acted and will act in the future in ways that protect those who put their safety in his hands. As to the incident in question, I have difficulty accepting that it was an "act of nature or an accident". It would be that if a ship were sailing in the middle of the ocean and had no knowlegdge that it was sailing into a storm. When a ship leaves port knowing a hurricane in approaching and decides to keep the passangers and crew on board when shelter on high ground was available leads me to question those decisions. Those are the "facts" that we all have. It was the decision of the captain that caused those deaths. If he had decided to evaquate to higher ground, which by the way is standard procedure reccomended by the National Hurricane Center to evacuate low and coatal areas when a hurricane is approaching, the outcome would have been different. I would hope that the captain has the opportuntity, either thru a goverment inquery or court of law, to explain his decisions. That is owed to not only the victims families, but also to Belize and anyone who would consider putting their safety in his hands in the future. That is what is in the best interest of Belize.

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