bywarren, I don't believe that anyone here is saying that the investigation should *not* be thoroughly completed and that a full analysis is *not* necessary. This definitely *should* be done and people should be trying to find out what stage that investigation and analysis is at.

Now having said that, with regard to Bob Goodman, I am not calling him/her names. I am telling you that this character carries the virtually unmistakable fingerprints of a character I've seen elsewhere on the net. I am telling you that the character I believe Bob Goodman to be (also known as Carla & Phatcat, etc) is a wingnut that has caused all kinds of havoc and is more than eligible for the white jacket with the really long sleeves. (in other words, should be sharing a room at the resthome with soma) I am also telling you that Cyberdiver is to dive magazines (internet or otherwise) what Star and National Enquirer are to the New York Times, Time Magazine and National Geographic, etc. If that is not clear enough for you, Cyberdiver is a sensationalist internet rag, oft referred to by others in the dive world as Slimerdiver or Slanderdiver.

A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?