Obviously "seashell", critical or independent thinking is not your strong suit.

Just read the interview with the father of the dive instructor who died aboard wave dancer.

Is that "National Inquirer?

Whatever you and your "dive industry" cronies might think about CyberDiver, it remains the only source available of news and information that is not 100% censored and spun by industry schills who depend upon industry advertising revenue for their existence - hardly credibele sources of "unbiased" news!

If those infomercials are your recommended source of credible information about all things diving, one must seriously question the motives behind your naive responses to my original post.

Peter Hughes & Co. made a whole series of incredibly stupid and irresponsible decisions leading up to the Wave Dancer tragedy. That is obvious to anyone with half a brain - there are no possible secret extenuating circumstances that could possibly justify those decisions.

You can wait around for government to tell you how to think and what to believe, but you should relally try using youir own brain every now and then. Keeps it working properly.

Sure, Hughes deserves his day in court - and then he deserves to be found guilty as charged.