seashell should shut up & stop insulting everythings and everybodies she doesn't like--she's not adding inteligence here. Shes making me think why so many belizeans are going sour about the forieners always telling us what's best for belize. many belizeans could support this boycott to stop foreiners killing belizeans. And tom joad is not bob goodman--anybody understands that and cyberdiver is not national inquriey. I checked--here is the list I got right from the cyberdiver's news pages. its mostly serious talking about the ecologies, safety and dive gear plus some opinions--I like it so far as what I'm reading--but everyone should decide by checking cyberdiver--not listen to broken seashells

sorry because I forgot the list--it's these news

AUSTRALIA - Ecologists back periodic closure of Great Barrier Reef

BELIZE - Subaquatics upgrades hyperbaric chamber facilities

AUSTRALIA - Great white shock: SeaChange's electronic shark repellant

USA - MSG targets marine mammal issues in letter to NOAA

PALAU - The Road to Ruin: US, Japanese developers zero in on Palau

USA - Is human waste killing Florida's manatees, dolphins, whales?

USA - Assault of the Killer Seaweed - California Battles Back

AUSTRALIA - New diagnosis for bends could save lives, money

USA - Marine scientists call for strict bottom trawling regulations

USA - NOAA cracks down on llegal fishers in Florida's Tortugas reserve

CDNN ACT NOW - Demand accountability for the Wave Dancer deaths

CDNN INTERVIEW - Tom Stark on the Wave Dancer deaths

USA - Shark attacks snorkerler near illegal Florida shark feeding dive site

NEW ZEALAND - Major fish poaching ring busted

FRANCE - United Nations campaign targets dive tourism, fish feeding damage to coral reefs

OPINION - Paradise Screwed: Spiegel Grove and the Florida Keys

USA - Human harassment threatens marine mammals

USA - New study pinpoints coral reef conservation hotspots

USA - PADI sues Diverlink, Eddie Rhodes for libel

PHILIPPINES - Poachers busted at Tubbataha World Heritage Site

COSTA RICA - Shark poachers busted, boat seized, captain jailed

GALAPAGOS - Tourism threatens Galapagos Islands

USA - Environmentalists sue NOAA, NMFS over shark fishing

KENYA - Marine life dying en masse: "Red Tide" likely culprit

BONAIRE - Bon Bini dive boat sinks, tragedy narrowly averted

USA - DEMA's legal challenge to shark feeding suffers another setback

GALAPAGOS - Divers film rare albino shark

MARSHALL ISLANDS - Research diver finds WWII B-25D Mitchell bomber in Mili Lagoon

THAILAND - Huge oil slick under control

HAWAII - Aquaculture breakthrough could help save reef fishes

HAWAII - Tourism crashes, $1 billion decline worst in state's history

BAHAMAS - Shark attack victim blames Our Lucaya, Unexso

INDIA - Vast sunken city found off India: Experts stunned

ANTARCTICA - Wiser eyes: Scientists let Weddell seals "do the walkin"

AUSTRALIA - Who really killed Bluey, Australia's super-star grouper?

CDNN ACT NOW - Ban shark feeding in Hawaii

USA - DAN to Skin Diver: Get that slut off my magazine!

HAWAII - State officials moves to ban shark feeding

USA - Is El Nino coming back?

USA - DEMA trade show group announces new BOD

OPINION - The sound of silence: NAUI kills environmental report

USA - Virgin birth of bonnethead shark baffles scientists

OPINION - A Tale of Two Aggressors: The Hype and the Reality

USA - Did fish feeding cause recent shark, grouper attacks?

USA - It's official - shark feeding now illegal in Florida


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