The behavior of the Hughes Corporation and its overpaid (and under-trained) "captains" was inexcusably negligent, bordering on criminal negligence. Especially abhorrent was the pressure placed upon employees to continue into the hurricane or be fired.
A campaign calling for divers to boycott the Hughes fleet is certainly appropriate.

However, Cyberdiver is way out of line asking people to boycott the country of Belize.

The people of Belize are not responsible for this tragedy. They had no say in the matter. In fact, numerous Belizeans urged the captains of the two boats (one of which was the Hughes Wave Dancer) to bring their passengers to safety and repeatedly offered them shelter. The Belize media has publicized the true facts and has debunked the lies and lame excuses offered by Hughes Corp.

So, why is Cyberdiver calling for a campaign against the people of Belize, rather than against the Hughes Corporation? What did the tourism operators in Belize do to deserve such punishment? Why not boycott Hughes and encourage people to come to Belize and go diving with local operators?

A boycott is a powerful weapon, but should not be used mindlessly. Anyone who knows anything about Belize (and if you are going to institute a boycott, you should make it your business to learn) knows that licenses to operate businesses are issued or not issued based upon who is demonstrating proper "gratitude" towards the government honchos with the power to issue them, which has nothing to do with safe practices or the lack thereof, nor with the opinion of the people in the community. The tourism community has no power to impact what the government does, any more than they have the power to stop the government from granting monopolies or making gifts of public funds to its "grateful" friends.

And why single out Belize? What about all the other countries who have continued to allow Hughes to operate, although they know that the company allows greed to overrule safety concerns?

CyberDiver does the cause of safety no good by calling for a boycott of Belize tourism, and is alienating the very people who should be supporting them: the diving and tourism community in Belize.

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