Either susangg did not read the CDNN ACT NOW campaign or she needs a refresher course in basic reading skills. Cyber Diver has not asked the diving public to join a boycott of Belize. Here's what Cyber Diver says:


"Write government officials in Belize and the United States and demand full and open accountability for Peter Hughes Diving, and justice for the families of the Wave Dancer victims. You may use this letter or write your own. Be sure to fill in your name and home or business address in the body of the letter. Finally, enter your correct email address and click on ACT NOW. The letter will automatically be sent to all of the recipients listed at the top of the letter."

Clearly, Cyber Diver is urging people to speak out on behalf of accountability and justice, NOT A BOYCOTT. They leave it to you as to how much leverage you want to attach to your letter.

In my case, I cut some of the letter and added my own personal thoughts but I left the final paragraph stating that I will not travel to Belize until a proper investigation has been completed. Consumer boycotts are only effective if those who are targeted understand that there a price to be paid for ignoring (in this case) public safety. I'm sorry if that bothers some of you but it's how I feel. I will not go to Belize until it is clear to me that government officials have not been paid off to ignore the deaths of 20 people including two Belizeans and my friend.

Cyber Diver has left it open to each of you to respond according to your own conscience. Based on what many of you have said here, you agree with Cyber Diver that we must at least "demand full and open accountability for Peter Hughes Diving, and justice for the families of the Wave Dancer victims."

Please listen to your hearts and join this campaign so that the lives of the 20 people who died on the Wave Dancer are not lost in vain.


I just want to add that targeting government officials in Belize (and Washington) is appropriate for two reasons:

1. Government officials in Belize (not Hughes) are responsible for ensuring that a complete and thorough investigation is conducted into the causes of the Wave Dancer deaths.

2. Boycotting Hughes before a proper investigation has been completed is nothing more than a public lynching. Wisely I believe, Cyber Diver has targeted government officials, not Hughes.

Having said that, it is my personal opinion at this time based upon the available evidence that Hughes is not a responsible boat operator. Everything, including the decision to resume operations in Belize just a few weeks after 20 people were drowned aboard Wave Dancer, points to corporate greed and criminal negligence. I will NEVER book a trip aboard a Peter Hughes dive boat.

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