Bob: I don't know how much contact you have with Belize. I have been coming to Belize for eleven years and my husband and I have owned property there for almost that long. I suspect that I know more about Belize than you, but since I don't know "who" you are, I cannot be sure.
We agree that Hughes engaged in gross misconduct. However, what you lack understanding of (and the letter I read at the Cyberdiver site DID call for a boycott, of travel to Belize; perhaps its now been altered, if so I am glad of that) is a basic understanding of how the Belize government operates, and who would be harmed by the proposed boycott.
If your contention is that tourists should not visit places where there is government corruption, I hope you like staying home, because that is where you will be doing your diving! I don't know many places in the world where there is no corruption, or where governments make bad decisions based on questionable criteria. (Even the US...perhaps we should call for a boycott of US tourism because our corrupt Congress has refused to make airlines safet to fly.)
As I attempted to explain to you, the Belize government does not make decisions on matters like who to issue permits to based upon either the views of its citizens or safety practices.
These liveaboards bring very little money into the Belize economy. We should be encouraging people to come to Belize, stay somewhere locally, and go on day trips with the many fine dive operators on Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Placencia Peninsula, etc. and refrain from booking a trip on liveaboards. I can guarantee you that nothing any government does will cause corporations like Hughes to become more safety conscious...but the buying public can influence them by not buying.
Again, I urge you to focus your calls for a boycott on the people who they are most likely to affect and who are responsible for what happened.

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