Bob,Susangg, et al: I am disapointed that this discussion has turned into a debate on the credibility of Cyberdiver and the effects and or need for a boycott of Belize. The original post adressed the concerns that the investigation, or lack of, and the allowing of Peter Hughes to resume operations before the completion of and findings of the investigation were finished. It seems that most of the people contributing to this discussion have a common goal, what is best for Belize and the people who visit Belize. I look at what a person writes. It does not matter to me if, or how many times, he has visited Belize or what his nationality is. If that were the criteria, Piasano would have the last word. This is a very important subject that deserves imput from as many people that care to. So, let's keep the debate going and try to focus on the objecitves that are important. It might be a case of the end justifies the means, and it doe's not matter who the messanger is, if the message is correct.