I agree Warren and I also appreciate your positive contribution to this discussion. It is an extremely important issue and I have carefully avoided being lured into meaningless and distracting comparisons based on 'who got here first', 'who has been here the longest', etc. There is far too much of this posturing on message boards and as you suggest, such crude strategems tend to impede the discussion rather than persuade.

My advice to Susan would be to climb down off the anti-boycott soapbox before it collapses under the weight of scrutiny. It should be obvious to you and everyone else following this discussion that I am not "calling for a boycott". If you carefully review the CDNN ACT NOW campaign, you will understand that neither is Cyber Diver.

Each of us must do what our conscience dictates and Cyber Diver has left us plenty of latitude to do exactly that.

Susan, correct me if I am wrong but I have the distinct impression that you will not participate in any campaign that even begins to suggest that things are not as they should be in Belize. Your fixation on the final sentence or two of Cyber Diver's sample letter as if it were chiseled in stone appears to be a smokescreen to cover up the same moral deficiency that has apparently led authorities in Belize to cave into business interests, rather than conduct a thorough investigation of what caused so many deaths aboard the Wave Dancer.

It's very sad and disappointing when people become so obsessed with business as usual and the bottom line that they are willing to overlook fundamental problems that threaten public safety.

Twenty people died in Belize last October aboard a commercial passenger carrying vessel inspected, certified and registered by the government of Belize. The dead deserve more than a wink from maritime safety authorities who appear to share your concern about disrupting Belize's tourism industry.

As I have already suggested, the irony is that killing the investigation will do far more to harm Belize's tourism industry. That's why you should get off your soapbox and support the CDNN ACT NOW campaign with a letter that will tell authorities exactly why YOU feel an investigation of the Peter Hughes Wave Dancer deaths is imperative.