Got two great e-mail addies to write to: [email protected] (Prime Minister's office) and [email protected] (Patty Arceo financed newspaper in San Pedro).

We have started a petition on the island to stop this sell-out of our local inheritance. Funny thing is, the money from the sales goes to Ms. Arceo's personal pocket (Belize Rural South PUP Committee). NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT!

So far, in two days of petition gathering, we have over two hundred signatures. We are aiming for five hundred signatures, and chances are very high we will get it.

Where there are only five hundred plus registered voters on Caye Caulker, it might make them do a double take on this issue. Maybe. Because sometimes you cannot make a donkey drink water.

We would appreciate all the e-mails to the PM on behalf of Caye Caulker.