Yes, I am sure it has.
So long as the system is set up to place unbridled power and a blank check book in the hands of a small number of politicians, with no checks or balance, no independent civil or criminal justice system, no independent judiciary, no transparency, no security in property rights, no "freedom of information" law and no separation of powers, it would take moral fiber of a hurculean level on the part of those politicians to resist the urge to place ones fingers (elbows?) into the cookie jar.
The so called parliamentary (I think they called it "Westminster"??) system is an open invitation to steal the people's money, and steal they will until the Belizean people demand a change to that system.
Unfortunately, it is so easy to focus on the crook-of-the-day instead of the systems failure, thereby lulling the people into thinking that if they just change partners, the dance will stop. It won't.
The remedy is democracy, not merely a change of dance partners. Unless and until the current system of allocating power and authority is replaced by a democractic one, nothing will change, other than from time to time, you may, with enough hell raising, limit the extent of a particularly egregious incursion into the collective wallet.

(Of course, we in the US are much more sophisticated. Our politicians steal way more than the greediest Belizean honcho ever dreamed of but oh so subtly. We train our US politicians in the art of delayed gratification. They know they can't steal for their personal gain while still in office. They can only hoard "campaign contributions" and pass laws benefiting those who finance them, then wait til they retire (or are involuntarily retired) from public office and THEN reap the spoils from their masters via the revolving door.)

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