Huh...Robert, think we can plan a "virtual" group sneak attack on said Ungrateful Bastard? I can rush him; he'll become hopelessly stuck to my thick layer of virtual Deet & then I'll phie on him with my virtual "6 pm after a long day at BC's" breath! He's mine...and he's goin' down!!! (You grab the beer!)

Yunno, bambin-these May/June borders got me REALLY scared! I think the Nov Borders need to plan an emergency trip TONIGHT with a supreme liquor hoarding objective!!! (giggling...or maybe we could take all the bottles and bury them on the beach for later retrieval...kinda like a REALLY GOOD Easter egg hunt for the really bad Nov boarders...)

KWIBMF-oh, golly!!! You're upside is yuv got some hills and trees...and d*mn good music around you. I'm with payphones/Internet kiosks/WLAN with VZ DFW...and today is a "new names in org boxes" day for us. Merger was announced 3 days after I started--(with luck) I will have my 5th job title in under 4 yrs here by this afternoon!!!! (Though I do anyway, I have no real reason to whine...they try to take pretty good care of us.)

HEY WAIT !!! If I'm not boxed, I COULD JOIN THE APRIL/MAY BOARDERS !!!! I've been lookin' at this ALL wrong!!! It's stinkin' win-win after all!!!! ;-)

To our very own Sweet, sweetJane: don't you worry a bit, darlin'! We all gotcha covered! Hey, yunno, if that travel plan doesn't get finalized in a hurry, I think I know some Nov boarders who will keep a bar stool swept off for 'ya!!!