I read the yahoo board now and then and found this a bit interesting.

From: "worldshopper_2000" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri Mar 15, 2002 10:34 pm
Subject: FYI - Intersting ADAM connection!!


I have been doing a little research and I wanted to fill you all in.

I always wondered why the basil jones website adress was
glentree.com. So I did a search on glentree and guess what I found. http://www.glentree.co.uk Check it out. It is a real estate?land
developement and home leasing company in (of all places) the United
Kingdom. There must be a connection here to Adam it couldn't be a
coincedence. What do you think?

Another point - I have bought, sold and owned many web site addresses
so I know how the system works. Go to www.networksolutions.com select
the whois tab at the top of the page and type glentree.com into the
search box. Low and behold - the website address is still owned by
our friend ADAM and that is not all - scroll down to the bottom of
the page and you will see that the registration expires today.
Here is how the systems works. When you registration is getting ready
to expire you are notifyied by email or us mail. They only notify the
person listed as the contact. that would be adam at his hot mail
email and his US address. All of whih are non exsistent at this

So here are my thoughts and some questions to you.

If Adam left in a flurry and no one knows where he is, How come he
didn't close down the website? Who is paying for the hosting? Another
thought - If Adam truly has no connection to the new company the
website will be shutdown at midnight tonight. If BJholdings name
appears on the registration it is only because ADAM has transfered
the registration to them meaning they have contact with him and know
where he is. Adam is the only one who has the power to do this. It
takes several pages of paperwork and picture id's through network
solutions. I know - I have done it.

Lastly, About a month ago I back ordered the web address www.glentree.com just so I would know if it went up for sale. Guess
what - I have not yet been contacted. It is not for sale at this
time. I have contacted networksolutions for more info - I will relay
this info to you

Here is a little more - BJ holdings always emails me when I get on
this board and have something to say about them. In there last email
they point blank told me that they did not have to honor any
contracts. We had all purched our timeshares from Adam not them. The
last line in their email stated that they had purchased the property
after it had been forclosed upon. I in return asked them to post the
forclosure information on the website so that we would all know that
this was what happened. I have recieved no response from them in this

BJ holdings - You regularily monitor this message board and respond
to comments. Fill us in!

I would like to hear all of your thoughts and input on this one

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