North Ambergris caye misguided

I keep reading articles in the papers and over the internet about ĎNorth Ambergrisí, such as the need for a north ambergris volunteer fire dept, a north ambergris neighborhood watch, or a bridge to connect north ambergris with San Pedro. I wish someone living in one of these burrows of San Pedro would come up with a name to describe themselves more accurately. Maybe I should buy these misguided souls a map and compass.
Ambergris caye is 22 miles long. San Pedro and its surrounding populated areas, such as San Carlos, San Juan, San Marcos, San Padrito, and Tres Cocos, make up about one tenth of the island and all on the south end.
The Mexico Rocks area is about half way up the island and could be considered the dividing line between North and South, much like the mason dixion line.
I was recently asked to join the ĎNorth Ambergris Volunteer Fire Dept.í The most I could do for a fire in what they call north ambergris from my position on the north end of the island is pray for rain. If I call the police because there is a break-in the neighborhood the police will explain they donít have a boat and ask if I could come pick them up in mine so they can respond. The true North Ambergris residents hire security forces to patrol. San Pedro sewer lines donít reach the north end so North Ambergris Residents dig septic tanks for themselves. Fresh water from W.A.S.A. doesnít come to the North so, North Ambergris Residents dig wells and collect rain water. There are no public roads so we travel by boat, There is no Garbage collection so North Ambergris Residents recycle, compost, or burn and bury. But of course we pay property taxes to the San Pedro Town Board that in turn uses the money to enhance San Pedro. Donít get me wrong Iím not trying to start a civil war, secession has a bad connotation, or a tea party as in Boston, but if The Laws Of Belize where followed unannexation would legal and in this instance fair.
Property taxes would be then paid directly to Belmopan, at a much reduced rate. Central Government rules would apply and our representation in Government would not be San Pedro special interest groups. We would no longer be taxed by persons only interested collecting or tax money and unable to do anything for us.
This would put a new light on Liquor Licenses, Dock fees and Permits, Building Permits, Hotel and Property Taxes, Business lic.,Taxes, fees and permits for motorized vehicles, etc.
In the early 90ís the San Pedro Town Board conceded to a discount on property taxes paid by persons in the north because it was unable to provide services. But isnít it odd to discount the price of a service because that service canít be provided. Why pay at all?
Over the years North Ambergris has been annexed and unannexed from San Pedro for reasons of acquiring Property Taxes on Coconut Plantation land according to which political party was in power and which party held the most plantation land, but in a time when North Ambergris was not populated with the Voters it has today.
San Pedro should supply these services or get of our pot.
Oh, and you guys in Tres Cocos, Get yourself a new name ĎNorth Ambergris has been taken.