Well...I MIGHT have been looking for the love of my life..but you all seem to think all men think only with their small head.... NOT the case with me. I've remained single after a REAL messy marraige 19 years ago...I plan to choose wisely this time. I am open minded and a free spirit, I do not translate that as the "one night stand kind of guy"..ok now that I've vented....here's the Ax update:
Since last we spoke, Stayed at Metro DC Police till 4 months ago as the Network Hardware and Security Camera installer...Got to do all those neat little long range cameras for IMF...(International Monatary Fund) protests...then 911 came along..was 1/2 mile from the Pentagon when the plane flew over me...had no idea it was the one till the Police radio went NUTS...did 24/7 duty for about a month...got burnt out BIG time...Had a falling out with the company due to their refusal to pay ANY overtime for that period.
Got fired for calling the lead Network Engr. a Butthead ..in those words..
As of now I've restarted my renovation company, which has been doing well. I'm MUCH happier being my own Boss anyway...Rick came up to DC for work...partied BIG time with him...had an ABSOLUTE blast with him...He's like a brother to me...In case your wondering thats the Rick of Rick and Cheri' who are in San Pedro as we speak...I'm saveing my bucks for a 14 day stay in April unless Rick hires me down there in which case I'm off to the Island for a while.We may swing a deal in Costa Rica, but thats only a chance at this point...Who Knows...
Well..thats all folks!
BTW Grace..is that avatar a real picture of you?

Life May Be a Beach...I prefer Reefs...