We just spent 9 days on AC where we had a great time (trip reports on the AC board. Now we're set for our Cayo adventure! We didn't have long but we sure filled the days. Here goes:
Tues 19: Flew from AC into Municipal. So cool right on the water. Got our rental and we're off the San Ignacio/Santa Elena. Driving is the way to go! No signs really along the way and the road in some spots was something but heck we're on an adventure right? Have a good map, it's a must (thnx Lan, yours was indespensible). Stopped @ BJs along the way for lunch. Pretty cool place and the view from the back is breathtaking. Having a burger was my one big mistake this whole trip. I got very sick later on [Linked Image] but fortunately it was over by next morn. We stayed @ the Aguada Hotel in Santa Elena. Great family! Bill can help w/any plans for tours/trips. Rooms clean and comfortable and rest/bar on site. Pool also a plus. $25US/night. I recommend highly!!
Wed 20: Off to Tikal today. Tour arranged thru Star/Mart's @ Eva's. &75US but included everything but BZ border fees. Met @ 7AM and Marts drove us thru BZ and then met up w/his Guat friend for trip to Tikal. Sure am glad they were doing the driving! Lots of pot holes (or rather pits) and lots of people on the roads. When you leave BZ you pay the $27.50BZ fees - keep your receipt, some is deducted when you leave BZ on your way home. Longer ride than we anticipated, about 3 hours total. We got to the park and Marts paid the fee (included) and then arrived at the Tikal site itself where our guide was arranged (also included). Lo was great! Mayan and very proud of his heritage. To really appreciate you should spend at least an overnite and I can't begin to tell of how great this site is but even w/our 1 day we were impressed. We did climb to the top of #4 which was worth every step. Lunch after at the Comedore Tikal (this was also included in our tour). You sure work up a hunger walking! (Take your own water tho) If you can do this trip GO FOR IT! Got back to the Aguada about 6P to tired for much but a cold Belikins and some dinner.
Thur 21: Leaving Aguada today for drive back to BZ City. Went to Green Hills butterfly farm on the Pine Mtn Ridge Rd. Whew - this is some road! The farm is well worth the drive this way tho. All the butterflies are quite a sight. A very interesting stop! Made our way down the Western Hwy to the zoo. Everytime I mentioned this to any of the kids, they'd get so excited and I can see why. A great little zoo! We got to see most all of the BZ animals, except for the jaguars who were hidden away. Lunch @ Cheers where I stayed w/the safe BZ fare. [Linked Image] Took the shortcut road to the Northern Hwy (Burrell Boom Rd). Oh my!! Construction made this quite the trip. Finally to BZ City. We stayed at the Villa Boscardi. An oasis from our hectic day. What a beautiful B&B! Not in town itself but on the hwy on the way to the airport. We ordered in pizza for dinner, too tired and jazzed from the day.
Fri 22: Homeward bound today! Jennifer's bfast was great. Took the car to see some of the city but just very confusing to drive around here. We did see some of the sights but didn't get to spend really any time exploring. Dropped off our car (we did manage to find the rental place) and they took us to the airport for our flight home. Had lunch @ the airport rest, pricey and not that great. Luggage check at the airport for all checked luggage. Flights home were good and all on time. Glad to be here now that we are!
So glad we took the time to visit some of the mainland. There is lots and lots to do and I'll be back to spend more time there. The only thing I'd recomend would be to do the mainland first, with all the traveling and the jungle and the tours and then on to AC afterwards for the relaxation. But it was an awesome 2 weeks! What a great time, belize it!!