Hi Everyone,
I am home from a TOTALLY WONDERFUL month in AC! I must admit that the first 2 weeks weren't the best. The weather didn't want to cooperate with me, (yeah, yeah, I know... a bad day in BZ is better than a good day in GA...)
Then, while Butch was on the mainland, someone came into our house while I was sleeping and stole my wallet and watch. Really scared me to know that I slept thru that.
DeeOGee has truly become an Island dog. Even now that she is home, she is still on BZ time (and I hope she gets to go back with me!)
I have to say the highlight was the people I met from this board. Hope and her family came down unexpectantly and we had a blast. And it was an honor to meet Skullyboy, Joni and Colby... what an incredible family! I can hardly wait to see the pictures.
Gailtor and her friends stopped by on my last day. It was great to put a face to the name. We have been emailing since last year.
Thanks again to Barefoot Skinny, Ebbe, James and the gang!! You guys ROCK!! And Tim, thanks for singing Come Be With Me for Mike and Amy's Anniversary.
Many of you know Lacy, Tim's Sis. We are excited that she is back from Cayo, and has started work at Caribe Island. Please stop in to visit her!!
We joined the AC Chamber of Commerce, and I want you all to know that they are working HARD to make AC an even better place.
Guess I am on another countdown.... I will be leaving the end of Feb for my next trip down. Will be there for all of March... who's coming down???????
PS: Jane and Deb, I missed you guys!!!!! And Zeke's too!!