Hey guys! We've sent a couple emails your way, but they apparently aren't making it through. confused

We're coming May 31 - June 8 to celebrate my graduation...I know, you're thinking 'bout time'...I'll finally have that degree on March 19th and we're both due for some serious partying (as if we've ever needed an excuse). laugh

Also sent email to F&M to check on Playdor possibilities with no success. confused

Drop us a line when you have a chance. We're freezing our rear ends off up here (as I type this it's a whopping 5 degrees at Casa de Edwards eek ) & can't wait to see you again.

Much love,
Robert & Loie

P.S. New email address: [email protected]

- - -
"Everywhere I turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me." Amy Ray, World Falls