First, I have to say this is the most active message board of loyalists I've visited in researching a trip. Second, I need your help...

We're trying to plan our honeymoon to begin June 1 and we finally narrowed down the search to Ambergris Caye. But, all the lodging places all look great! Any advice/suggestions? We'd like to have a kitchen (so we can stay in), we'd like to have water activities and a restaurant (so we can go out). We're not divers, but we're going to learn before we go so we can take advantage of the underwater beauty. We'd like a small place... bungalow-type accomodations. Relaxation is Key! And, a bar is a necessity.

On another note, what about some night life in Amergris Caye? Any must-hit places? Is it important to stay closer to San Pedro town? Also, is the north side better than the south side? (funny -- I live in Chicago, and that's practically a battle call up here smile )

The quiet is most important, but we do get cabin fever. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!