This is a time for big up prayers.. we moved to Belize right after Desert Storm so my boys would have the choice to hopefully never serve in a time of war but you can lead a horse to paradise and then they go back to America and get flipsy... yes right now my heart is heavy and full of prayers .... my oldest son Shanti joined the US Army after 9/11 when he was up in America before we lost everything in Hurricane Iris in Placencia last year and has been in Afghanistan since November and was just extended to stay there till mid June leaving my 2 grandbabies and wife here with me ... we have quite a few young Belizeans serving over there now... so light candles and pray for no chemicals and that they will reach home safe... thanks for the prayers
By the way he subscribed to the San Pedro Sun and receives it all the way in Afghanistan... PRAY FOR PEACE Maralyn