I'm having mixed feelings on this war thing. I hate any kind of war. It all seemed so senseless to me up until I saw the footage of the poor Iraqis running up to our soldiers and hugging and kissing them. Their comments were translated to say, "Thank you so much for saving us from that butcher!" Then I saw one of our soldiers tear down a picture of Saddam on the wall. Part of his face was still hanging and an Iraqi gleefully ran up to the poster, removed his shoe and beat his face with it. He was ecstatic. The look on his face to FINALLY be able to do that free from fear was touching. An Iraqi woman was on CNN at one point as well, who said that all of her family and friends in Iraq were backing the Americans and were waiting for it to be safe to show their support. They are still in fear. They're being used as human sheilds! It was after these events that I saw that our soldiers were doing something to be proud of. Something loving. Something for the betterment of humanity. Their sacrifice is far greater than I can even conceive of....... I ask for their proctection and blessings all around. Yes, we are all one. Debbie