the rains in Cayo have been non stop since yesterday morning. It was raining so hard I could almost not hear him on the phone!

in Corozal, they are approaching serious flooding conditions -- forecast is two days more
-- at least.

From Cayo area:

The Macal River started rising about 5:00 am, and peaked about an hour ago at close to 35' above normal, and is receding very slowly. Moved our vehicles
to higher ground around 8:00 am, and almost didn't get back upriver to Ek'
Tun. For the first time ever, our guests couldn't leave as scheduled, so will
stay another night. The guests who were supposed to be arriving today are
stranded at Jaguar Paw. Don't know if there is water across the road around
Belmopan, but wouldn't doubt it... We were told by a BEL dispatcher that
is a tropical depression sitting somewhere close, so it may continue....
what a
lot of water!!