Well, I called AA to confirm my flights in May and found that there was a schedule change. Can you believe - I can't get from San Jose, CA to Belize City all in one day now! Seems they changed the first flight out to leave 15 minutes later which leaves less than 40 minutes connecting time in Dallas! Alternate airports may or may not have the same problem now (don't want to get up THAT early to travel an hour to a different airport).

So my options were fly from San Jose to Dallas to Miami and then fly out of Miami the next day to Belize. (NOT!). OR

Fly out to Dallas the evening before and spend the night near DFW (have to stay over night returning home because of the same problem as the out bound).

I chose spending a night at a DFW hotel versus flying for a day and a half with an added flight.

And this doesn't consider any flights to Belize that AA will cancel (they haven't determined that as yet).

So the story isn't over yet - but one thing is for sure - I'm going to Belize in May no matter how many days it takes me!

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