Skully Boy,

You know that I've had my share of loss this year as well. You were a source of support to me and I appreciate that. Despite these losses, I still have much to be thankful for and here's something positive for you to read. Ten years ago today, my youngest child Haley was born. She came into this world with a massive bleed in her right brain. We didn't expect her to live. She was blind, having seizures and the medical professionals told us that she would be profoundly retarded. It was the most difficult period in my life and I found myself asking "why"? What I have learned since then is that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I've learned that all of these unexpected turns in our lives shape us into what we will become. The road hasn't been easy, but no one else could walk it for me. Just a few minutes ago, my beautiful Haley walked into my room beaming from ear to ear. She's walking, talking, reading, learning and she loves life. On this, her 10th birthday, she reminds me that we don't always know what is in store for us, but over time, the picture becomes more clear. I'm so thankful that she was born my child because she's changed me for the better.

God Bless Skully Boy. I'll pray for your peace of mind.