Plans for our trip to Belize were going so well - renting a 4WD and head to the Mariposa for 6 days then to AC for 5 days. THEN I realized I had goofed on our arrival date (because of a 1AM flight). So now we have a day to fill on our way down to Placencia. We thought it would be a good idea to make it a leisurely drive and stay somewhere between BC and Placencia for that 1 night...taking in a couple sights along the way. We are considering Pooks Hill Lodge but are open for suggestions. We also considered some places in the Dangriga or Hopkins areas (Pals, Beaches and Dreams or Hopkins Inn). Some of those places are very reasonable in price but not sure if saving a few dollars would be worth it if we weren't happy. Anyone have any suggestions? Also....what sights are "don't miss" sights (Zoo, Cockcomb, Guanacaste, Blue Hole, etc.)?